Second Helpings, Inc. is an Indianapolis nonprofit that seeks to limit food waste, alleviate food insecurity, and provide free culinary job training to the unemployed adults in the central Indiana community. Their organization works with local food vendors, individual donors and a 1000+ volunteer team to intercept surplus, edible food that would otherwise be sent to the landfill and redirect it to their facility where it is prepared into hot, nutritious meals that are distributed to over 90 social service agencies. Each year Second Helpings, Inc. rescues 2.5 million pounds of unused food and has redirected over 30 million pounds of edible food away from landfills since 1998. During that same time, over 800 students of their free culinary job training program have graduated and gone on to pursue new careers. Beneficence Records is proud to partner with Second Helpings, Inc. on Records for a Reason: Volume 1 to both draw awareness to food waste and food insecurity as well generate funding for hunger relief in central Indiana.

Tonic Ball is an annual benefit concert produced in the arts-centric Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis in direct support of Second Helpings, Inc. Every year since 2002, Tonic Ball has assembled an impressive lineup of local bands to perform in homage to classic artists (e.g. Gram Parsons, Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Beatles, etc.). Indiana artists volunteer their talents and prepare their own “cover” versions for performance on themed stages located within the neighborhood’s many music venues. It is from this event that the artist roster and song repertoire for Records for a Reason: Volume 1 were curated.   On November 17th, 2017 the music of Dolly Parton, Simon & Garfunkel, James Brown, The Cure and Wilco was celebrated in concert by over 300 local musicians, 2,800 audience members, and a myriad of local sponsors. The money raised by this single night of music equated to an impact of 143,025 prepared meals and over 150,000 pounds of rescued food being distributed to those in need of hunger relief in central Indiana. Beneficence Records’ debut release aims to further the positive influence of Indianapolis musicians on hunger relief in their own community by distributing in-studio recordings of the iconic music covered at Tonic Ball 16 for posterity on vinyl as well as all major streaming services.

Beneficence Records is a nonprofit record label housed within Ball State University. Its fundamental purpose is to empower local artists to support charities and nonprofits through their recorded music.   The label draws upon a multidisciplinary team of BSU students, faculty, and staff to produce, promote, and bring to market all of its digital and physical releases. On behalf of its artists and community partners, Beneficence Records shoulders all overhead cost associated with a release and pledges to donate 90% of its net revenue to local charity and nonprofit organizations. The debut album, Records for a Reason: Volume 1, was made possible with a grant from The Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry. Continued support for Beneficence Records is provided by the BSU School of Music, the BSU Music Media Production Department, the BSU Office for Immersive Learning, and the Ball State Innovation Corporation.

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